Sunday, 22 June 2008

Speed, Speed, Glorious Speed

The above is a screenshot of Galaxiums file transfer window, whilst sending a file to a WLM client. The speed gets cut off in the column, but that reads '424.18 KB/s'.

There's a lot of rough edges right now, but fast file transfers are coming :)


Kreuger said...

Must be nice. It took me 15 minutes to send Phil a 2mb file :P

Anonymous said...

I've found Galaxium as a very good project, and I'm going to use it, replacing Pidgin.
But I have one big trouble: I have a XMPP [jabber] account, signed by domain.
With Pidgin I can connect perfectly, but with Galaxium I have some trouble because it doesn't connect.
I have tried many other IM clients [gajim, psi, kopete, etc...] and everyone let me connect with the XMPP protocol of my account.
But Galaxium doesn't let me connect... Is maybe there a bug?

Paul Burton said...

deviantdark: Perhaps you could report the bug at

We'll also need the output from a terminal or the debug window whilst you try to connect.

Anonymous said...

Done, thanks.

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Solved :) Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, still me...
I was wondering if it's possible to install Galaxium on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn.
I cannot upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu, 'cause of hardware incompatibilities.. but I still want to use this new IM client.
Is there a way to use it?

Thanks in advance ;)

Paul Burton said...

deviantdark: It's probably possible, but the mono version in Feisty seems to be 1.2.3, where Galaxium requires 1.2.4 or higher (and ideally 1.2.6 to get everything working).

You would need to update mono, then you could try compiling galaxium from the tarball on the google code site.